Everything you need to know about us


“We are brave, driven, funny, honest,


open minded,
cheeky, innovative and original minds.”






+41 79 721 31 42


“We want more creativity, more diversity and more fun.”

We want to work with like-minded people, achieving goals and realising projects that weren’t possible before. We want to build a sustainable future for us and others, that have the same beliefs.

We want to jump into a project, understand it, live it and work our asses off to create the best possible outcome, evolve creatively, keep learning, and outgrow ourselves.


“We don’t just want just Clients, we want Partners, Friends and kindred Spirits.”

We want to talk to people who really want to create something long lasting, personal and individual, and are ready to commit.

We want to work with people that we connect with, on a deeper level, professionally and personally.